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“It’s Good to Be Bad: Resistance, Rebellion, and Disney Villain Merchandise” 


Performance and the Disney Theme Park Experience 

People often perform personal identity through consumption practices. When guests purchase villain merchandise in Disney theme parks, what might they be performing about themselves? 

’Don’t Feed the Plants!’:  Monstrous Normativity and Disidentification in Little Shop of Horrors
Studies in Musical Theatre
Volume 13.
Issue 3

The Ashman/Menken camp horror rock musical exposes the darker side of Fifties nostalgia during the Reagan years in what Ashman called "The Darker Side of Grease."

Image by Nsey Benajah

The Sea Lady by Neith Boyce Directed by Alex Roe Metropolitan Playhouse New York, NY Live Streamed Virtually.” 

The Eugene O'Neill Review


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